How to Select the Perfect Color for Your Hillsboro Home's Interior

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If the paint on the walls in your Hillsboro home is chipped, scuffed, and faded, scheduling interior painting services with an experienced painter is a great investment. Additionally, many homeowners benefit from hiring a painter for a color consultation because they gain expert knowledge about color theory without doing extensive research.

How to Choose an Interior Painting Color

  • Study Color Theory – Learning a little bit about color theory can be as simple as looking at a color wheel. Consider a color wheel to be your greatest tool during the color selection process. By familiarizing yourself with color theory, you'll begin to understand which colors complement or contrast with each other so that you can create the perfect color palette for your home's interior painting.
  • Consider Paint Finishes – When choosing a color for your home, don't forget to consider the various paint finishes available to you. Popular paint finishes include eggshell enamel, flat enamel, semi-gloss enamel, hi-gloss enamel, satin enamel, and flat (matte), and each finish has a different effect on the paint color that you select.
  • Hire a Color Consultant – Homeowners are highly encouraged to seek assistance from a painter who is familiar with color theory. A color consultant will discuss how lighting affects the appearance of colors, mediate the color selection decision between family members, and perceive a home's interior as a whole.

Schedule a Professional Color Consultation

Colors have a significant impact on moods and attitudes, so choosing an interior painting color that creates the mood you want to have in your home is important. If the color selection process is causing confusion in your household, reach out to a skilled painter from Mountain Painting Company to schedule a color consultation for your Hillsboro home's interior painting.

If you're looking for color consultation services in Tigard and the surrounding areas, please call (503) 505-4091, or complete our online request form.