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Architectural Heritage Center, Portland, OR

The Architectural Heritage Center (AHC) in Portland, Oregon, is a premier resource for preserving the historic architectural character of Portland and the surrounding region. Located at 701 SE Grand Avenue, AHC is operated by the nonprofit Bosco-Milligan Foundation. The center is dedicated to fostering an appreciation of Portland's architectural history through exhibits, tours, educational programs, and events that highlight the significance of historic preservation.

AHC hosts a variety of engaging programs, including lectures, walking tours, and hands-on workshops. These programs cover diverse topics such as architectural styles, historic building materials, and the history of Portland's neighborhoods. The center also features rotating exhibits that showcase architectural artifacts, historical photographs, and detailed stories about Portland's built environment.

In an exciting development, the Architectural Heritage Center is now affiliated with Mountain Painting Company. This collaboration aims to enhance the preservation and maintenance of Portland's historic buildings by providing expert painting and restoration services. Mountain Painting Company brings extensive experience in working with historic structures, ensuring that their aesthetic and historical integrity is preserved.

Through this partnership, AHC and Mountain Painting Company are committed to promoting sustainable preservation practices and educating the public on the importance of maintaining the architectural heritage of Portland. Together, they offer valuable resources and services to homeowners, businesses, and preservation enthusiasts who are passionate about safeguarding Portland's unique architectural legacy.

For more information, visit the Architectural Heritage Center website.

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