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  • Why Routine Staining Work Is Good for Your Deck

    One of the best additions you can add to your home in the Tigard area is a deck. After all, a deck provides a beautiful, relaxing outdoor space to entertain friends or simply unwind after another long day.... Read More

  • The Best Exterior Colors to Paint Your Tigard Home

    So, it’s that time once more: Your exterior paint job has worn down, and it’s time to slap on a fresh coat. Don’t get too hasty, though: It would be well worth your time to consider what color scheme would be best for your home’s exterior. Need some ideas?.... Read More

  • Key Things to Look for When Shopping for an Office Painting

    What makes a successful business? A great workplace, of course. After all, a great workplace will provide a number of great benefits. To keep your workplace in the best and best-looking condition, you need to invest in professional office painting services every now and then.... Read More

  • Get Your Tigard Home Autumn Ready with These Great Paint Schemes

    Autumn is on its way. Now is the time we all need to start getting ready for the food and fun that come with this time of the year. If your home happens to be where people go to enjoy that food and fun, you need to get your home ready for the fall as well.... Read More

  • Staining: Why It's a Great Option for Your Beaverton Home's Fencing

    A fence staining will prove to be a great way to keep your Beaverton home’s fencing looking great with little investment and even less upkeep. Want to know more about all the great ways that a fence staining will benefit you?.... Read More

  • Best Paint Schemes for Spring

    Springtime is here, and like many people, you’ve probably got a pretty strong urge to do some spring cleaning and otherwise spruce up your Tigard home. In your process of spring-ifying your home, you might want to consider getting a fresh coat of paint for it.... Read More

  • What Factors Determine When to Get a Fresh Exterior Painting?

    Even the highest-quality exterior coat of paint will go to pot at some point down the road, necessitating a fresh coat of paint, and unfortunately, there’s no stopping that from happening. After all, your Tigard home’s paint job will become worn out because of a variety of factors.... Read More

  • How a Fresh Exterior Paint Can Benefit Your Health

    Your home in the Tigard area should be a safe haven for you and your loved ones -- a place where you can be sure you’ll remain as safe and healthy as possible. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to keep your home this safe and protective.... Read More

  • Prepare to Sell Your Beaverton Home with a Fresh Exterior Painting

    When the time comes to sell your home, you’ll need to put in some work to make the easiest and most profitable sell. Perhaps some of the most effective work you can get for this purpose is a fresh exterior painting.... Read More

  • Freshen Up Your Office with Interior Commercial Painting

    If you've been looking for ways to motivate your employees in the workplace and promote their productivity, you should consider hiring a Tigard painter for light commercial painting services..... Read More

  • Which Fence Stain Color Is Right for Your Irvington Home?

    If the wood fence on your Irvington property is looking weathered, consider hiring a painter to apply a new stain color. Before selecting a new color for your fence..... Read More

  • 4 Interior Painting Colors Inspired by the Winter Season

    Interior painting isn't just a project for the summer, so if you've been thinking about hiring a painter to refresh the paint on the walls inside your Tigard home, now is the time..... Read More

  • Should You Pressure Wash Your Fence?

    Pressure washing can affect fence materials differently, so you should consult with your painter before pressure washing your fence to make sure that it won't be damaged..... Read More

  • Should You Stain or Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets?

    The kitchen cabinets in your Alameda home will experience significant wear and tear over time, and if they're not aging well, hiring a painter for cabinet refinishing services will make them look new again. Depending on your interior design tastes, you can opt for either stained cabinets or painted cabinets, and you don't have to stick with the cabinets' current color or finish.... Read More

  • How to Make Your Interior Painting Last

    Reviving your Sherwood home could be as simple as some interior painting. Instead of dismantling your home with a complete renovation, you can hire a painter to apply a fresh, vibrant coat of paint that exemplifies your interior decorating tastes while helping you refrain from breaking the bank... Read More

  • Limiting Wood Rot Damage on Your Deck

    Every homeowner will probably have to battle with wood rot at some point. Catching wood rot early is crucial because a prolonged period of wood rot can diminish your home's structural integrity, so hiring a Lake Oswego painter to inspect your deck periodically is a wise decision... Read More

  • What You Need to Know About Deck Staining

    Whether you use your deck to spend time with your family, host barbecues, or enjoy the outdoors, proper deck staining and maintenance are necessary to ensure that your deck remains in great condition regardless of weather conditions and regular wear and tear. If you are installing a new deck or you want to update your existing one... Read More

  • Why You Should Hire a Portland Painting Contractor to Handle Your Exterior Painting

    If you're thinking of getting a fresh exterior coat of paint for your Portland home, then you need to be sure to leave the work to a professional painter. By handling your painting yourself, you run the risk of getting a paint job that's not as good as you might be hoping for while also enduring more stress than the work might be worth... Read More

  • Plan An Interior Painting Project

    An interior painting project takes some planning. If you have never worked with a professional painting contractor before, you want to be ready for the project before the big day arrives. It always helps to have a good plan whether it's interior painting or some other home improvement project. Start your project off right with these tips from our pros at Mountain Painting Company, a local Portland, OR contractor.Read More

  • West Portland Interior Painting – Make Picking Your Color Fun!

    While you may hear a lot about not making bold color choices and avoiding color fads, that doesn't mean you have to settle for a drab interior. You can still transform your interior from ordinary to extraordinary by using fun and amazing color choices for your interior painting project in West Portland.Read More

  • Make Your Deck Last Forever with Proper Deck Cleaning

    If you've inherited or built a Beaverton, Oregon deck, you can expect it to endure for just about forever so long as you keep it taken care of properly. Many homes sport decks that are several decades old that are still in great shape.Read More

  • West Linn Exterior Painting Colors and Their Importance to a Home

    West Linn exterior painting colors are some of the most important qualities to a home. The colors of a house are the first qualities that a person notices when they first see a home so having colors that are very appealing is important. Exterior painting colors are also important because they give the house a better feel or a better ambiance.Read More

  • Tips on Pressure Washing Your Tigard Home's Exterior

    For types of dirt that are extremely difficult to remove, power washing or pressure washing is considered as the most effective method of washing them away. The reason is because power washing cleans surfaces using power, chemicals, and heat. With these three properties working together, you can practically clean any type of surface as fast as you possibly can.Read More

  • 3 Reasons to Paint the Interior of Your Tigard Home

    Painting a home's interior is one of the most popular home improvement tasks for homeowners in Tigard. Using a reliable contractor is one of the most important means of having a home look fresh and clean when the job is finished. The procedure is pretty simple. Choose house painters in Tigard with a solid reputation.Read More

  • Tigard Wallpaper Removal

    Getting rid of outdated wallpaper and switching to paint has long been an Tigard home improvement project. Wallpaper removal is hard and messy work, especially if your living space has plenty of walls and other partitions; but what makes this Tigard home improvement task different from the rest is that you can actually do it yourself using mostly the things you have lying around the house plus a few minor accessories.Read More

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