Make Your Deck Last Forever with Proper Deck Cleaning

Make your deck last forever with proper deck cleaning

If you've inherited or built a Beaverton, Oregon deck, you can expect it to endure for just about forever so long as you keep it taken care of properly. Many homes' sport decks that are several decades old that are still in great shape.

These materials seem to last and last, and you may wonder why when they're just made of wood that rots like everything else in the organic world. But there are reasons why these surfaces last way longer than others, and it has to do mostly with who owns them.

You see, under the ownership of a homeowner who's interested in maintaining the deck to get the maximum number of years out of it, a deck can last many, many years. Properly sealed, properly repaired along the way, and properly cleaned, these homeowners are rewarded with decades worth of service from decks that remain beautiful.

Wood decks age far better when kept properly cleaned and sealed. Properly means properly, not sporadically or a “when I get around to it” kind of thing. Also, the company or contractor who cleans your deck can easily damage the wood if they don't know what they're doing. This is the truth, not some marketing scheme.

It's easy to damage the wood surface if it's treated roughly or with harsh chemicals that break down the structure of the surface. Too high of water pressure during pressure washing can destroy your wood deck, so don't let just anyone handle the service.

Proper deck maintenance is also necessary, and only pressure-treated lumber should be used when replacing wooden decks. Where you get this pressure-treated lumber can also matter because it could well be substandard. Pressure-treated lumber is supposed to last 50 yrs or so, so choose the right wood to ensure it does.

Algae easily grows on decks, so you need to be sure it's kept away because it will eat right through your deck. It's a common problem in our area, and you'll have a rough time trying to get rid of it. Proper treatments will rid your deck of algae, so just ask your favorite Mountain Painting Company painter and we'll help you out.

Sealing the deck once it's cleaned is imperative to keep it lasting. Whether you're using stain and sealer or priming and painting, a final seal against the weather is the right thing to do. Quality products only with the highest warranties should be used.

Decks that have gone neglected can be restored most of the time, and many times even if they look grey and weathered, they can be brought back with the proper cleaning techniques, re-stained, and re-sealed. If you've inherited such a deck, don't despair because nine times out of ten we can give you a gorgeous deck with just a little good old-fashioned elbow grease.

Your deck can be lovely, and stay lovely for nearly as long as you want it to. It's all up to you! If you're ready to do something about a deck you've purchased or inherited, give our expert deck restoration specialists a call!

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