What Factors Determine When to Get a Fresh Exterior Painting?

When to get fresh exterior painting

Even the highest-quality exterior coat of paint will go to pot at some point down the road, necessitating a fresh coat of paint, and unfortunately, there's no stopping that from happening. After all, your Tigard home's paint job will become worn out because of a variety of factors.

To learn what factors can affect your Tigard home's paint job over time, just keep on reading. This article will give a quick overview of three of the more common problems that lead to the decline in the look and quality of your home's paint job.


Perhaps more than any other factor, the climate can have a significant impact on your Tigard home's paint job. If the climate in your region errs on the wet, windy, generally unpleasant side, you can bet that your exterior paint job is going to wear down and suffer in a relatively short time.

So, that will help you determine whether you need to get your exterior paint job reapplied sooner rather than later. If your area's climate is generally agreeable, then you'll be able to put off a fresh painting for a good while. If, on the other hand, you live in the sort of climate mentioned above, you need to be ready to get a fresh painting sooner rather than later.


The exterior of your Tigard home remains exposed to anything and everything that life can throw at it. This leaves your home's exterior open to all manners of damages. These damages can be fairly small: Just some minor debris that scratches it up. However, these damages can be far more significant than that, e.g., much larger debris and even damage from meddlesome critters.

Unlike climate, these damages aren't consistent. They can strike whenever and cause any kind of damages, ranging from minor to major. No matter the extent, though, one thing is certain: These damages will impact your exterior paint job. When they impact it badly enough, you'll need to go ahead and schedule a fresh exterior coat of paint.

Age of Paint Job

Maybe the climate around your Tigard home is generally very agreeable, and maybe you've been fortunate enough not to be affected by natural damages. So, your paint job should be in pretty good shape, right? Well, that answer depends on the age of your paint job.

You can expect your exterior paint job to last for upwards of about 10 years or so, but after that, the exposure to the wind, sun, and all else is bound to leave your paint job looking far less than its best. When your paint job gets to this point, you need to call for a fresh exterior painting by a dependable professional.

Do You Need a Fresh Exterior coat of Paint? If So, Call Our Painting Contractors

If you're in the market for a fresh exterior painting, then you need to call Tigard's experienced painting company, Mountain Painting Company. We have the experience and resources to provide a beautiful, high-quality coat of paint that will keep your home looking its best for many more years to come.

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